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God bless you beloved reader! Receive a warm greeting from the Missions ministry. The mission of this ministry is to put the Lord’s Word into practice by going out and making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). The Lord Jesus has allowed us to visit branch churches located in Mexico, Central America, and other states within the U.S., where there is an evident need in various areas. The biggest need is the spiritual one. There is a growing hunger for biblical teachings and discipleship in God’s Word. There is a great thirst for spiritual growth, but very minimal resources. The secondary needs include those pertaining to emotional, social, material, and financial aspects of life, which are fundamental for everyday living. The mission of the Missions Ministry is to work restlessly to help provide our branch churches with as much assistance as possible in these various areas. Our desire is that the Lord Jesus lifts, affirms, and strengthens workers to work in His harvest field. Our desire is for the gospel to be preached in all nations so that many may be saved and produce fruit a hundred times what was sown. Our mission is to expand the gospel through supporting missionary works in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. throughout the years God  has opened the doors to open churches in these countries so we have established churches with local pastors, as you can understand these missions need our  help. therefore our support is essential for these churches to keep going forward. and this where the mission ministry plays a great roll in supporting their work. This includes spiritual support and in occasions to help them build their churches

Mission trip year 2022

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Angel Olmos



Aracely Gamino


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Tansy Aguilar 


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