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Family Ministry


The call that the Lord has given us to serve is: To visit homes, whether or not they congregate in Camino de Santidad Church; Bible studies at home and help them in advising them according to their needs, be they marital, personal, or family; We also visit people who are sick, either at home or in the hospital, sharing a word of hope and spiritual strength. Among those who are serving in the family ministry; Our vision is: To create a spirit of service according to the leadership of our Lord Jesus Christ. Training through discipleship. (Wednesday, and once a month on Monday) live a family atmosphere, and cooperation, mutual respect. Every person who has been saved by the mercy of the Lord, has a commitment of gratitude towards Him, and an imperative duty to fulfill by the commandment of our Lord Jesus the Christ. "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. (Mark 16:15) In this way we invite all brothers and sisters to join the family ministry to give freely what we have received freely, and thus grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus, through practice and teaching.

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